Kids Bookcase Club Review December 2018 7-8 Years + Coupon

Kids Bookcase Club is a Kids Book Subscription Box.

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Kids Bookcase Club is $9.99 a month + $5 US Shipping a month. They are less if you sign up longer. You can expect at least 3 books in your child’s age group. Board Books, Hardcover & Paperback Chapter books, etc..

Use code CRATEJOY at checkout and receive 10% off subscriptions.

This is age group 7-8 Girl. We paid for this Box. Boxes will vary.



The Unlucky Lottery Winners of Classroom 13. Value $5.99. A paperback chapter boom.


When unlucky teacher Ms. Linda LaCrosse wins the lottery, she shares her winnings with her class-giving each student over a BILLION DOLLARS!


Carnival in a Fix (A Not-So-Impossible Tale). Hardcover chapter book. Retail Value $12.99.


This book has a lot of illustrations which is great for chapter boom beginners.


Peter Powers and His Not-So-Super Powers! Value $5.99. Paperback chapter book.


This is the first book in the series and I’m excited my daughter can start out with the first one. And who doesn’t love superhero books?


Total Value $24.97. Good value for $14.99. At $4.99 a book for chapter books I really wanted to try this box out. And it is great. All the books are perfect for my 8 year old who is now reading chapter books.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here.

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