Simple Loose Leaf Tea Review November 2018 + Coupon

Simple Loose Leaf Tea is a Tea Subscription Box. They have several tea options to choose from.

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Simple Loose Leaf Tea is $9 a month + $2.99 shipping per month. They also offer longer subscriptions.

They offer a Sampler Box, Green Tea Box, Herbal Decaf, and Black Tea Box. Each month you’ll receive 4 Teas & bags.

You can view all their options here.


This is the Green Tea Box. 2 Green Teas with 2 Complimenting Teas.


It comes with information about each tea. Each pouch makes 5 cups of tea. So each box has about 20 cups of tea.


Lemon Mint Sencha & Mao Zhen Hair Needle. Both are green teas.


To compliment the Green Teas: Chamomile Lavendar & OM Herbal.


They also send reuasbale tea bags to make & mix your teas.


$11.99 for 20 cups of tea & 4 reusable tea bags. The tea is flavorful, smells amazing, and is fresh. Definitely worth it!

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here.

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