Yogi Surprise Yoga Box Spoilers #4 + Coupon

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Yogi Surprise Lifestyle Box is $44.95 a month with free US shipping.

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is $24.99 a month with free US shipping.

Use code CHAKRA at checkout & receive 30% off your first Box. Works on either box.


New Yoga Box Spoilers:


Align and balance your chakras with this beautifully illustrated portable Chakra meditation and affirmation guide designed to support your energetic health.


Previous Spoilers:


Harmonize your heart with your spoken word by wearing this delicate set of 2 adjustable gold colored chakra bracelets. Clear and bless your personal space energetically with Palo Santo, one of the most fragrant woods in the world!

Screenshot_20180727-101027_Samsung Internet.jpg

Harmonize and soothe your chakras with this stunning gift from Mother Nature, a natural geode crystal bowl.  Agate is a grounding crystal, which helps stabilize emotional, physical and mental energy.



Jewelry Box Spoiler if you missed it:


Harmonize your chakras with this exclusive necklace featuring 7 (only one featured in the photo) unique crystals on a silver colored chain.

+ Svadhisthana Chakra essential oil and chakra bracelet!

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