FULL Lootwear July 2018 Spoilers & Coupon

We have them all! Undies, For Her, Wearables, Tee, and Socks!

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Loot Crate Loot Wear  items are different than the Original Loot Crate items. It is a separate subscription from Loot Crate. A Loot Crate subscription is not required to purchase Loot Wear Subscription.

Use code SAVE3 for $3 off any length subscription.

Loot Wear Options:

  • Undies $10.99
  • Tee $11.99
  • Wearable $17.99
  • Loot For Her $19.99
  • Socks  $9.99
  • Bundled Options


You can see all the options HERE. 

Spoilers for July! 



Loot Wearables: EXCLUSIVE Ant-Man and The Wasp football tee



Loot Undies: EXCLUSIVE Power Rangers Underwear


Loot For Her: EXCLUSIVE Powerpuff Girls joggers


Loot Socks: EXCLUSIVE Katamari Damacy Socks and EXCLUSIVE Jaws Socks


Loot Tee: EXCLUSIVE Power Rangers Tee



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