DegustaBox Review June 2018 + 50% Off Coupon

Degusta Box is a Grocery & Snack Subscription Box. Each month you receive 10-15 surprise grocery & snack items. 

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.


Degusta Box is $19.99 a month with free US Shipping.

Use this link and you’ll receive your 1st month for $9.99 + a free gift.


This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items. Sometimes there are variations & are noted.


The information sheet details the items.


And a delicious looking smoothie recipe!


Walkers Vanilla Shortbread. Value $5.52. I’m love shortbread cookies. They are my guilty pleasure.

Organic Grounded Snacks Red Rice & Quinoa Tortilla Chips Cinnammon Sugar. Value $3.57. These are so good. They were a hit with all of us.


Goya Corn Tortillas. Pack of 30. Listed Value $2.29.

Goya Sazonador Complete Seasoning. Value $2.79. A basic Mulitpurpose seasoning.



Mutti Peeled Tomatoes. 1lb 12oz Can. Value $4.17.

Goya Black Beans. Value $2.47.

I’ll definitely use these with the tortillas.


Tickle Water Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water, Watermelon. Value $1.08. They are made for kids. These aren’t bad. The flavor isn’t very strong. Just a hint of watermelon.

True Lemon Crystallized Lemon. 32 Count Pack. Value $4.99. I’m so happy to get a whole box! These are perfect for adding lemon flavor to pretty much everything.


Zollipops Lollipops. We received 4 lollipops to try & a coupon for a free bag. Value $3.22. Zollipops naturally help reduce the acidity and raise the ph in your mouth. We tried the taffy version last month & my kids love these too!

That’s It Fruit Bar Zesty Value $1.58. These bars have 2 servings of fruit in each bar and no preservatives.



Total Value $31.68. I have to use online pricing so that’s basically an estimate. Good value for $20 anyway! We always love getting our boxes! We just brake into them trying everything and sharing it all. My favorite part is getting new items we’ve never tried before. There were several new products for us.

If you’d like to check them out use this link and you’ll receive your 1st month for $9.99 + a free gift!

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