DegustaBox Review April 2018 + 50% Off Coupon

Degusta Box is a Grocery & Snack Subscription Box. Each month you receive 10-15 surprise grocery & snack items. 

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.


Degusta Box is $19.99 a month with free US Shipping.

Use this link and you’ll receive your 1st month for $9.99.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items. Sometimes there are variations & are noted.


The information sheet details the items. This month’s theme is road trip!


And we recieved a recipe using items from the box.


These are the items for the recipe.

La Tortilla Factory White Corn & Wheat Tortillas. 8 ct pack. Value $3.19.

La Tortilla Factory Barbacoa Slow Cooker Sauce Starter. Value $5.95. Just add beef & oil & you’ve got some beef tacos. Or get fancy & use the recipe.


Boom Chica Pop Popcorn in Cheddar & Butter. 0.75 oz. Value $0.55 each.


Country Archer Mango Habanero Jerky. 1.5 oz. Value $3. This is really good. Slight mango flavor & a little spice.

Goya Plantain Chips. 5 oz bag. Value $1.98. I really like plantain chips. They are lightly salted.


Popchips Nutter Puffs. 1 oz bags. Value $2.66. These are my new favorite find! They are no too sweet & not too peanut buttery. And light like a puff should be.


Amazing Fruit Amazin Raisins in Straberry & Lemon. Value $1.90 for both. These pretty much free of everything. And tasty. The kids loved them.

Torrie Howard Chewy Fruties. Listed Value $1.99. These are organic fruit chews. Kids liked these as well. Like organic starburst.


Fini Shock Tongues Candy. Value $1.96. These are sour belt type candies.

Fini Torando Licorice. Listed Value $1.90. These are so good. And they sell them by the tub 😂

Fini Kollisions Chewy Candy. Listed Value $1.90. Fini is a brand from Spain and all of these are so good! We are hooked.


ALO Aloe Vera Juice Drink Spring Mixed Berry. Value $1.69. This is made from the Aloe Leaf & free of artificial ingredients.

Zeiglers Apple Berry Carrot Juice. Listed Value $3.99. This is an 8 vegetable & juices blend.



Total Value $33.21. Good value. Most pricing I can find is bulk and doesn’t include shipping. For $20 I definitely think it’s worth it. I loved all the snacks this month & so did the family. We always have fun digging into our boxes.

If you’d like to check them out use this link and you’ll receive your 1st month for $9.99.


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