Golden Tote Review March 2018

Golden Tote is a Clothing Box with several size & price options.

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Golden Tote is $59-149. Shipping is $5.95 on totes under $149. You select your clothing size & tote item size. They are one time purchases and do not recur. They go on sale every month. You can return & exchange items. Sizes are XS-L.

The Mini Tote is 1 picked item & 1 surprise item for $59.

The Surprise Tote is 3 surprise items for $89.

The Golden Tote is 2 picked pieces & 3 surprise items for $149.


We paid for this Tote. Items do vary.


This is the $59 tote. I chose 1 item & the other was a surprise. Size Large.


I chose this! She + Sky Polka Dot Dress. Value $52. This is super soft. It has a very thin sweater feel to it which is perfect for spring. It fits perfectly. I wear a size 14.


I love the ruffle details.


My mystery item. Ginger G Sleevless Top. This is also very soft!


I love this print. It’s very springy!



This was actually my first Golden Tote purchase. Unfortunately, they only go to a size large which I wasn’t able to fit in before. But now that I’m here I’m pretty happy about it. These are both cute and extremely comfortable items. I’m keeping them both!

The April Totes are on sale now. You can check them out here.

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