Martha & Marley Spoon Review March 2018 + $30 Off Coupon

Martha & Marley Spoon is a Meal Delivery Subscription Box curated with Martha Stewart. They provide everything you need to prepare meals of your choice. 

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Martha & Marley Spoon has a few subscription options. 2-4 meals for 2 people or 2-4 meals for 4 people. Skip weeks at any time. They have vegetarian & gluten free meals as well.

Use this link and receive $30 Off any plan!

2 People: $18 for 2 meals, $31.50 for 3 meals, $48 for 4 meals.

4 People: $46 for 2 meals, $76.80 3 for meals, $101.20 for 4 meals.

This box was sent for review. I chose my own meals. This is 2 people, 2 meals.


The top contains bags. Each bag holds the ingredients for my 2 meals.


The bottom is ice and holds items that need to be refrigerated. It is a huge ice pack lining the botrom. It should hold for a while if you’re not home to bring it inside right away.



It comes with an introduction to the service.


It even tells you where they source their items from.


My first meal. Bloody Mary Steak Salad.


The instructions are very simple & easy to follow.


I put the steaks on and prepped my salad. When the steaks were done I roasted the tomatoes in the same pan.


There was 2 tomatoes to make 4 halves but Eric doesn’t eat tomatoes so I only seared myself some.


I mixed up the dressing and let the celery marinate for a few minutes before tossing it with the lettuce. It says to save 2 tbs of the dressing to drizzle over the steak.


This meal was delicious. The dressing is full of flavor. And the instructions were very easy to follow.


My next meal was Stovetop Mac & Cheese.


I prepped all my sauce ingredients while the pasta boiled. That included sauteing the shallots. I did not shred the cheese because I knew it was going to melt anyway.


I threw in the peas at the last minute of boiling.


The cheese sauce blended perfectly.


After it blends just add the spinach & fold in the pasta to finish it.


It was topped with the shallots. We really liked this! We love our cheese & pasta and the flavor was so good.


Both meals were a winner! I made homemade meals so effortlessly! The convenience of this service is priceless. Fresh ingredients and full instructions delivered. We can make Martha Stewart meals at home super easy! I definelty recommend using the coupon and trying them out.

Use this link and receive $30 Off any plan.  You can view the meals on their site for the next 4 weeks.

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