Munchpak Review November 2017 + 25% Off Coupon

Munchpak is a Snack Subscription Box that sends treats & snacks from all over the world.

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MunchPak has 3 options. The Mini (5+ Snacks) is $9.95. The Original (10+ Snacks) is $19.95. The Family (20+ Snacks) is $39.95.

Use code HOLIDAY25 for $2 off all subscriptions.

This box was provided for review. This is the Original Pack.




This is the only information provided. There isn’t a list of items or anything.


•Nimm2 Hard Candy. Value $5.20.  These are  hard candies with 9 vitamins. If your going to eat candy, this is the way to do it. These are from Germany.

•Cannoli Chips Cinnamon & Sugar. Value $3.83. These are delicious. Not too sweet with a lot of cinnamon.


•Jelly Belly Krispy Kreme Doughnuts . 1 oz. Value $1.15.

•Fini Licorice Mini Kollisions. 2.5 oz. Value $1.50. These have a cream center. The kids loved them. These are a Spanish candy.


•Hula Hoops Salt and Vinegar. 34g. Value $2.13. These are ring potato chips. If you are one of those weird people who like salt & vinegar youll like these. These are from England.

•Tayto Jonnie Onion Rings. 32g. Value $3.03. These are pretty basic onion rings. These are from Ireland.


•Lotte Chilsung Hot 6 Energy Drink. Value $1.50. A Korean energy drink with 6 natural vitamins & herbs.

•Lotte Pokemon Chewing Candy.Value $0.98. These are 5 strips of gum. These are from Japan.


Milka Chips Ahoy Bar. Value $2.99. This is a big bar! This is from Poland. I received an Oreo Malika Chocolate bar in my November Degusta Box & I’m definitely a fan of the whole cookie/chocolate mash up. Deliciousness.

•Granuts Cranberry Trail Mix.Value $2. This is a mix of peanuts, corn nuts, caramelized peanuts, cranberries, and almonds. From Columbia.


•Kasugai Watermelon Gummy Candy. 1.76 oz. Value $2.24. These are a Japanese Candy. They are juicy and really good.

•Kabaya SakuSaku Panda Chocolate Cookie. Value $1.49. These were so good. They are panda shaped sandwich cookies with chocolate in the middle.


Total Value about $28. Not bad for a $20 box. No shipping charges or month long shipping times! We had so much with this box. We loved trying brand new treats from across the world! Everything was really good too.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here and take advantage of the sale going on right now. Use code HOLIDAY25 for 25% off Subscriptions!


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