Candy Club July 2017 Review & $25 Off Coupon

Candy Club is a Candy Subscription Box. Each month you receive about three pounds of Cansy that you choose. 

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Candy Club is $27.99 a month + $6.99 shipping. Each month you receive about 3+ pounds of candy. They are less if you sign up longer.

You can now customize your box and pick your candies.

Use this LINK and get $25 Off of your first month. The coupon will automatically apply.

This box was provided for review. If you choose the same candies as I did, you will recieve the same items.


The candy came wrapped in an insulated bag to protect it from the heat.


You’ll receive information and all the nutrition facts on the back for your candies.


Our first choice was Mondelez Mini Swedish Fish. These are my favorite non chocolate candies! Delicious.


Promotion In Motion Sour Jacks Watermelon. These are just slightly sour and totally edible for the little ones. They’ve never tried them before, but they instantly fell in love.


Kookaburra Liquorice Shooters. These were our new pick. None of us have tried them before. These are cream filled licorice. They taste a little like soda candies to me.


Bonus Candy. Jaw Busters Jaw Breakers. There were actually more than this but my teenagers snatched a few up before I noticed! These were sprinkled on top of my candies.



Everything was fresh and very good. The candies are the actual name brands they advertised them to be too. They have so many options I had a hard time picking! Gummy, sour, nostalgic, chocolate, better for you, & new. We had old & new choices this time around and we had a lot a fun trying them all.

If you’d like to try them out, take advantage of the coupon. Use this LINK and get $25 Off of your first month. The coupon will automatically apply.



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