Jacked Pack May 2017 Review & Coupon

Jacked Pack is a Monthly Supplement Subscription Sample Box. It is designed for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.

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Jacked Pack is $15 per month with free shipping. You receive 5-10 supplement samples per month.

Use code TRY3MONTHS & receive your 1st 3 months for $10 a month.

*New subscribers will receive extra samples in their box.

You can check them out here.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items.



The information card detailing the items and information on what the products do.


Evolution Nutrition EVGN. 1 Serving. Value $1.

Nutrex Research Lipo 6 Black Intense. 1 Pill. Value $1. Weight loss support, intense energy and appetite control.

Evlution Nutrition Weight Loss Trans4orm Thermogenic Energizer. 1 Serving. Value $1. Clean energy, weight loss, focus.


PRO SUPPS Mr. Hyde Cutz Creatine Free Cutting Matrix Powder. 1 Serving. Value $0.90. Contains CLA, L Carnitine and Capsicum and infused with Teacrine for extended energy.

SKALD: Oxydynamic Fat Scorcher Pre Workout. 1 Serving. Value $0.83. Energy, fat loss, respiratory support & appetite control.

Brain Boss. Value $2.50. This helps enhance mental & physical performance with nutrients.


BPI Amino Strong. 1 Serving. Value $1.38. Amino based muscle builder.

360CUT 360NitroDrive Pre-Workout Powder. 1 Serving. Value $1.50. Non stimulant multi function pre workout.


Amino Thrust Labrada. 5 Servings. Value $3.50. This can be taken before or after workout. Supports muscle recovery, energy, & endurance.


Coupons! 50% Off Pro Supps, 25% off BPI, & 20% off Brain Boss. Great coupons this month!


I’m so excited to try all these out. Everything has really good reviews and there’s a couple new products I’ve never tried. I like all the weight loss items this month. Those are definitely high on my want to try list. My favorite part of Jacked Pack is trying all these products out without paying full price!

Of you’re just starting out with supplements, this is a great box to get. I promise you’ll save so much money. =)

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.

Make sure you use code TRY3MONTHS to get your 1st 3 months for $10 & bonus samples in your first box.


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