BuddhiBox May 2017 Review & Coupon

BuddhiBox is a Yoga Subscription Box that delivers mindful living products that enhance your yoga practice on and off the mat.

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.


BuddhiBox is $34.95 a month + $5 US Shipping & $12.99 to Canada.

Use code buddhibox20 for 20% off your first month.

You can view the options here.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items.


The information card detailing the items, vanilla sugar cookies recipe card from Yummy Yogi, and the pose of the month card.


•Happy Yogi Watercolor Print. Value $10. They sent out cards that were similar a few months ago & this is so pretty just like the cards.

My Mat My Mantra Yoga Mat Spot. Value $5.95. Add this to your mat or any spot you’d like.


Elements Of Aliel Rose Mask. Full Size. Value $20. A blend of rosehip, beet root and rose clay. For pores.

Elements Of Aliel Green Beau Tea Blend. Value $10. Green tea, rose petals, and strawberry leaf. This tea is very good. Very flavorful and beautiful.



Follow Your Bliss Cuff. Value $25. Very petite. Great for layering.

Selenite Healing Crystal. Value $10. Hold at the heart for stress & anxiety. And place in the home to remove negativity.



Bare Ethics Massage Oil Sample. This is a sample of their basic oil. It is several different oils in one.



Total Value $80.95. Great value. Very good box! What a good mix of items again. I love when the mix is so perfect in a Box. Beauty, tea, crystal, jewelry, art, & a mantra spot. What more do we need? ❤

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here.

Make sure you use code buddhibox20 for the 20% off.

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