Degusta Box April 2017 Review & $10 Off + Free Gift Coupon

Degusta Box is a Grocery & Snack Subscription Box. Each month you receive 10-15 surprise grocery & snack items.

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.


Degusta Box is $19.99 a month with free US Shipping.

Use this link and enter code CJEASTERDEAL at checkout and you’ll receive $10 off your 1st box and a free box of Loaker Tortino.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items. (One noted variation)


The information card detailing the items for May & a $1 off coupon for Wild Planet Chicken Breast.


Wild Planet Chicken Breast. Value $5.99. This is an Organic canned chicken breast with sea salt.

PR Bar Yogurt Berry. Value $2.08. These are all natural with 16 vitamins & minerals. They have a yogurt covering. I’ve tried them before and they are good.


Bushs Best Garbanzos Chick Peas. Value $0.98.

Bush’s Best Hummus Made Easy Classic. Value $2.29.

I love that they included both items to make this hummus. It came out pretty good. I added a little olive oil & lemon.


Better Oats Oat Revolution Steel Cut Oats Maple & Brown Sugar Oatmeal. Value $3.99. These are steel cut with flax seeds. The package has a water measure on it too for on the go oatmeal.


Mutti Italian Double Concentrate Tomato Paste. Value $6.99.

Peri-Peri Sauce in Garlic. Value $3.49. We tried the hot sauce before so we’re pretty excitednro try this out.


Felix Wild Natural Lingonberries. Value $5.99. This also has spiced apple & cinnamon.

Wilton Salted Caramel Flavor Candy Melts. Value $1.88. These can melt right in the bag and be drizzled on treats.

Lovely Candy Co Caramels. 2 oz. Value $1.73. Gluten & gmo free. And delicious.


Bitty Foods Chiridos Air-Puffed Cricket Protein Chips. 1 oz each. Value $6.50. These are expensive chips. Their website send you to Amazon to purchase. They are all tasty. Salsa Verde, Baja Ranchero, Spicy Mole.20170504_131939.jpg

Subscribers will receive one of these items.

Zenify Natural Stress Relief Drink. Value $2.08. All-Natural Zenify is infused with the same stress-relieving antioxidants found in 15 cups of green tea.

Skinnygirl Peach Bellini Green Tea K-Cups. 18 ct. Value $11.99.

Cafe Bustelo Instant Espresso Sticks. Value $0.99. Box of 6 instant coffee sticks.


Total Value $42.01 + which ever drink item subscribers received. Not bad for a $20 shipped Box! I’m sure if I purchased these items at the store it would be way more. There weren’t so many snack this month so the kids are a little bummed but I loved the box this month.

If you’d likebto check them out use this link and enter code CJEASTERDEAL at checkout so you’ll receive $10 off your 1st box and a free box of Loaker Tortino.

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