FYI: Darby Smart Subscriptions Have Ended!

April was the last month for Darby Smart Subscriptions.

dbox (2).jpg

Darby Smart Subscriptions are no longer shipping. Here’s the deatils:

Change is a positive thing, so that’s what we’re doing! We started Darby Smart to help everyone feel and be creative. Inspiring creativity remains our core focus and we do that each day through videos on our app; however, we’ll be discontinuing our Darby Girl and TO DIY FOR mystery box subscriptions after April. We’re doing this because it allows our team to focus on what we do best: building a community for you to share videos and meet others who have the same passions you do.

What Does This Mean for You? We’ll be canceling all mystery box subscriptions, making April’s box your final shipment. If you’ve pre-purchased a multi-month package, we’ll automatically refund you the remaining balance to be reflected within 10-15 business/working days.

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop! We’re not going anywhere! We know you love being creative and we’ll remain focused on content that inspires you to discover new, inspirational ideas and products. The content, all in the form of snappy how-to videos created by the Darby community, includes you (we hope!). You can use the Free Darby App to create and share your own videos showcasing your ideas, as well as connect, follow and chat with an amazing community of people. (Psst.. We have an app for Android coming your way very soon!)

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