Proozy Mystery Box Review & Coupon

Proozy is a Fitness & Outdoors Apparel & Gear website offering a Mystery Box.

This post may contain affiliate and/or referral links.


Proozy Spring Cleaning Mystery Box is $80 with free shipping. It promises a $100+ value in Proozy Products.

Use code MYSTERY for an additional $60 Off making it only $20.

We paid for this box. Items will vary.


Nike Air Max Visor. Value $9.99. This is fitted and it fits over my curls & also fits Eric with stretch. And…it’s his colors!

Sundog Ellwood Sunglasses. Retail $54.99. Sale price $29.96. These are nice. They are definitely more Eric’s style.


The glasses are actually really nice.


Set 360 2 Workouts on One DVD. Value $18.90. I actually love step workouts. And you can buy the 360 Step on Amazon for $9.99. I think I’m going to get it. It has great reviews.


New Balance BodyTRNr Sports Calorie Counter. Value $9.67. This counts calories, distance, & steps. It is Bluetooth with app. I already have a high tech watch so I don’t need this one.

Eco Vessel Spartan Squeeze Black Waterbottle 20oz. Value $8.95. We always need water bottles around here. Especially for the summer. We’ll definitely use this.


Total Value $77.47. Cost is the box $20 with the coupon. It probably does meet the $100 in retail pricing. Do I think it’s worth the $80? Not really. But it’s totally worth the $20. The only thing we won’t use is the New Balance Trainer. I already knew if I got a trainer I wouldn’t use it though. I love mine.

The Mystery Boxes are still on sale. If you’d like to check them out you can do that here. Make sure you use code MYSTERY at checkout for the $60 Off.

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