Jacked Pack March 2017 Review & Coupons

Jacked Pack is a Monthly Supplement Subscription Sample Box. It is designed for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.

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Jacked Pack is $15 per month with free shipping. You receive 5-10 supplement samples per month.

Use code TRY3MONTHS & receive your 1st 3 months for $10 a month.

*New subscribers will receive extra samples in their box.

You can check them out HERE.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items.



Some coupons & the information card detailing the items.


Muscle Milk Pro Series 50 in Chocolate & Vanilla. 2.9 oz each. 4 Servings. Value $4.80. So far I’ve tried the vanilla and it’s good in my fruit smoothies.


360 Pre Cut Pre-Workout Activator. 1 Serving. Value $0.83. This is a do it all pre workout. Energy, focus, muscle mass & recovery.

bpi 2 in 1 BAM. 1 Serving. Value $1.81. Another do it all with a new liposomal delivery system is designed to help enhance absorption rates and oral bioavailability.

Beast Sports Nutrition Amphetalean Powder. 1 Serving. Value $0.69. The flavor is Orange Cooler. It’s so good. I love Orange everything so I was so excited to see this. This is a fat burner, appetite curber, & increases energy.


Ghost Legend Pre Workout Blue Raspberry. 1 Serving. Value $1.50. I tried the fruit punch before of this brand before and I liked it.

ProSupps Mr Hyde Intense Energy Pre Workout in Green Apple. 1 Serving. Value $0.90.

Quest Nutrition Beyond Cereal Protein Bar in Waffle. Value $1.27. These are really good. A little sweeter than I’m used to though. They taste more like a snack bar to me.


Total Value $11.80. Cost of the box $15. The real value from this box comes from getting to try all these items without having to pay $40 a tub for it. I’ve found so many must haves from Jacked Pack. And I keep finding more. It’s also a great place to start if you’re just getting into using supplements.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.

Make sure you use code TRY3MONTHS to get your 1st 3 months for $10.


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