Luxe Pineapple Post March 2017 Review

Luxe Pineapple Post is a Beauty & Beauty Lifestyle Subscription Box. Each month you receive full size beauty and lifestyle items.

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Luxe Pineapple Post is $24 a month with free US Shipping. Less if you sign up longer.

You can view the options here.

We pay for this subscription. Everyone receives the same items.




The information card detailing the items and prices.


And it comes with a printout with even more information on the box & items. Their 1 year anniversary is next month so they are celebrating this month.


Honey Belle Gold Luxe Organic Cleansing Oil. Mini size 0.5 oz. Value $14. This is organic Apricot Kernel Oil, Rosemary, & Bergamot.

Silicone Makeup Sponge. No brand. Value about $2.66. These are supposed to use less makeup by not absorbing it, therefore saving you money.


Lavami Charcoal Soap with Tin. Value $10. This is made with a blend of cedarwood and patchouli, & charcoal. For oily & acne prone skin.

Dirty Mermaid Citrus Sea Soak Single. Value $6. This is made with dead Sea minerals and essential oils. It smells wonderful.


I love that it comes with its own Tin for storage.


Fornash Enamel Charm. Value $18? Their embellished ones are $18. This is plain. I think it will look cute on a navy bag.



Microfiber Bamboo Headwrap. Listed Value $10. This has a China tag so the value may be quite a bit less. YD brand. These are staples in our house and I’m always happy for more. It feels like pretty good quality and it’s very soft.


Total Value $60.66. Cost of the box $24. I like that I never know what to expect with Luxe Pineapple. Last month was more makeup & this month is very spa like. I love the mix up. The skincare items are my favorites. I can’t wait to have a pamper night and try it all out.

If you’d like to check them out you can that here.



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