Plate Crate February 2017 Review & 50% off Coupon

Plate Crate is a Baseball Gear & Accessories Subscription Box.

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Plate Crate is $29 a month + $8 shipping. Each month you receive baseball gear & accessories. They promise a $30+ value in each box.

Use code 50firstcrate for 50% off your first month.

We paid for this box. Everyone receives the same items.


GloveLocks 4 Pack. Value $4.99. These go on the thumb & pinky lace to keep the laces tight without have to deal with the knots.

Customized Pocket Seek Sack. Value $19.99. This is nice and sturdy!


I’m pretty sure this is a first box bonus item. I didn’t see it in other February Boxes but I have seen it in past boxes.


HitGrip. Value $17.99. These are grips for the bat. They are NCAA approved. They are flexible rubber.

The Mental Locker by Tim Dixon. Value $9.99. The Mental Locker is all about removing the lids from expectations and demanding more from yourself.

You’ll learn how to:
-Use simple tools to THINK BIGGER
-Design THE PLAN with detailed action steps to be ready
-Ask the TOUGH QUESTIONS to find out what you really want, not what others tell you to want.


Here’s the instructions for the grips. They are very flexible and won’t constrict your fingers at all.


Plate Crate Drawstring Backpack. Value $8? And a HUM BAE sticker. Some subscribers may have received a Plate Crate Beanie instead.




Total Value $40.97 without the Seed Sack. $60.96 with it. Either way it’s above the promised $30+ value in their boxes. I thought it was a good box. And I think it’s pretty age universal too. Younger kids & adults can use all the items. Eric is a Baseball player & he approved of the box. He did say his younger self would not of used the Seed Sack. It’s too bulky. As a Mom I think it’s an amazing idea!

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here.

Use code 50firstcrate for 50% off your first month.


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