The Fairy Bag February 2017 Review & Coupon

The Fairy Bag is an Accessories, Fashion, and Gift Subscription Box for little girls ages 4-10.


The Fairy Bag is $9.99 a month + Shipping. Shipping to California was $2.90. They do ship Worldwide.

You can sign up for 3 month but it’s $33. This is a first for me. It’s usually a deal to sign up longer.

Use code 25OFF for 25% off your 1st month.

You can view the options here.

We paid for this box. Everyone receives the same items with color variations.


Presentation is lacking a little.



Red Clip Bowl. This is pretty cute. It has a good clip on it so it really stays.

Headband. This looks adorable on my daughter but it isn’t very sturdy. I’m afraid the pink ribbon will fall off soon.


I think I’ll save it for when she dresses up and try to secure the pink ribbon better.


Faux Coach Wallet.



•Starry Cocktail Lip Gloss. This doesn’t have any scent or flavor. My daughter didn’t like it.

• Little Kids Press On Nails. These were fun but they don’t stay on long. The sticky dots are on the nail already.


Total Value is $2 per item. There aren’t any brands on most of the items & the ones that are I can’t find for sale. They say they send 4- 6 high quality items. Unfortunately, I don’t get that from these items. They are Dollar Store quality. They also mention a fairy scroll with positive messages but we didn’t receive anything like that.

My daughter loved the hair items and the nails were a lot of fun. This box definitely has potential. I wouldn’t even mind higher quality with less items. Especially at the low price point of the box. 3 high quality items at $9.99 would be fine.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here. For 25% off your 1st month use code 25OFF.

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