Scent From Subscription Box March 2017 Destination & Coupon

We have the New Destination for the March Scent From Box!

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Scent From Subscription Box is £19.99 (About $24.92 USD) + £3.99 ($4.97 USD) to the US shipping. They ship Worldwide.

Use code SCENT and get your first month for £10 ($12.47 USD) on any length subscription.

FYI: They are less if you sign up longer & they still charge monthly. No large up front payment.

The March Destination!


Transport yourself to the exotic city of Bangkok…..

A blossom speckled stream becomes a cascading river as it roars through mountain and jungles towards the city of Bangkok- home of temples, monks and reclining Buddhas. In the distance, tigers roar and birds and elephants greet the sunrise. Within the bustling city, music played on the ranat, pi and klong resound whilst the cries of flower-strewn street vendors echo with the promise of sweet and spicy delicacies.

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