Prospurly January 2017 Review & Coupon

Prospurly is an Artisan Subscription Box that features organic, healthy, and local goods. You can expect beauty, home, wellness, treats, etc..

Prospurly Subscription Box is $49.95 a month with free US shipping. Use code SUMMER for 10% off your subscription for life.

You can view the out here.

We paid for this box. Everyone receives the same items. This month there was a bonus item that may vary.


January is A New Adventure. Items to motivate, health boosting, & relaxing.



The information card detailing the items & prices.


From Molly with Love Sage Spray. Value $17.99. This is made with rose and lemon essential oils, Sage, & Charged with the power of quartz crystal-infused water and pink himalayan sea salt.


Beach Organics First Light Bath Salts. Value $19.95 from the card. There isn’t a size listed but it is a nice sized bag. These are dead Sea salts with lavender. It smells wonderful.


•My Bonus Item: Menagerie Tea and Earth Cleanser. Value ? The card says $5-7 value on bonus items. I don’t see this on their website. It is an activated charcoal & tea extract face cleanser.

Sakari Botanicals Juniper Oil. Value $10. Juniper oil is best known for its antiseptic properties but it has a wide range of uses.


Frau Fowler Tough Love Organics Tooth Powder in Power Mint. Value $7.50. All organic fluoride free powder. This is a nice large Tin too. It also came with 2 samples of Medic Mouth to try.


The Brothers Apocatherapy Tea in a winter Immunitea. Value $15. This tea is amazing. It is so flavorful. I’ve been sick and have been sipping this tea all week. It literally came at the perfect time.


Total Value $77.45. Not bad at all. I love it all. I’ll use it all. The tea was a godsend at the right time. It is nursing me back to health. I’ve been using the sage spray to cleanse our home daily. It has a light pleasant scent. Definitely a good January Box.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here. Make sure to use code SUMMER for the 10% Off every month for life.



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