TopMunch December 2016 Review & Coupon

TopMunch is a Snack Subscription Box that features snacks & foods from a different destination each month.

TopMunch is $19 a month + $3 shipping. Less if you sign up longer. Use code FIRSTBOX for $7 off your first month or on any length subscription. ($54 for 3 months, $18 a month)

You can view the options here.

We pay for this subscription. Everyone receives the same items.


December’s destination is Turkey!


The information card detailing the items with some history.


Hazer Baba Orange Turkish Delights. Value $2.49. These are gummy orange treats with a powdery covering.

Sehrazat Tel Pismaniye Pistachio Cotton Candy. Value $5.99. This is made with flower & butter and pulled into strings. It comes out similar to cotton candy. It is sweet & delicious! I actually ended up on YouTube watching this stuff be made. It was so interesting.


Ülker Albeni Milk Chocolate Coated Bar w/ Caramel & Biscuit. Value $4.25. These are carmel biscuits covered in Chocolate. Very good.

Ulker Cikolatali Gofret Wafers. Value $0.58. These are Chocolate wafers.


Ulker Çiziviç Sandwich Cracker with Cheese Cream. Value $1.49. Similar to our American cheese crackers.

Ulker Clip Sesame Sticks. Value $5.97. The Turkish version of our sesame sticks.


Malben Delicacies. There isn’t a brand so I’m not sure exactly what the value is. And I can’t find much for sale. $3.75 based on what I found. These are Gel like treats with nuts.



Total Value about $24.52. Cost of the box $22. That is a rough estimate of value. Doesn’t include any shipping costs either. With that said, I loved this box. Authentic Turkish Treats to try and explore. It was so much fun for us. Everything was very good too. I also like the sweet savory mix going on.

If you’d like to check them out you can that here. Use code FIRSTBOX for the $7 off any plan.



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