Jacked Pack December 2016 Review & 50% Off Coupon

Jacked Pack is a Monthly Supplement Subscription Sample Box. It is designed for weightlifters, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts.

Jacked Pack is $15 per month with free shipping. You receive 5-10 supplement samples per month.

Use code NEWYEAR and you’ll receive 50% off your first month. Valid until 1/09.

Or use code TRY3MONTHS & receive your 1st 3 months for $10 a month.

New subscribers will receive extra samples & a free shaker box in their 1st box!

You can check them out HERE.

This box was provided for review.



The information card detailing the items and coupons for Ghost & Quest.


ChocoRite Cinnamon Roll Protein Bar. Value $2.99. 20 grams 9f protein & 200 calories. This is a soft bar and it tastes good.

Quest Nutrition Quest Beyond Cereal Bar Cinnamon Roll. Value $1.80. 12 grams of protein & 110 calories. This was kind of like a rice crispy bar. Very good. Definitely a good snack bar.


Beast Sports Nutrition Beast Sports Nutrition, Beast Mode Black. 0.27 oz. 1 Serving. Value $0.80. Strength, focus, endurance.

iSatori Pre-Gro Max. 0.42 oz. 1 Serving.  Value $0.67. Mixed Berry Smash flavor. Pre workout with Bio active peptides.

Ghost Legend Pre Workout. 1 Serving. Value $1.50. Fruit Punch. I’ve tried this before and I really liked it.


MHP BCAA 10x Energy Leucine Loaded 10:1:1 Complex.  1 Serving. Value $0.67. This provides energy & stimulate muscle growth with three BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine and valine). The price is great. I hope I like it.

BPI Sports RoxyLean Weight Loss Support Capsule. 2 capsules. Value $1. Weight loss, energy, appetite support, & metabolism. This is a 2 day dose so we may actually see if it works!

Betancourt Nutrition Ripped Juice EX2 Fat Dematabolizer. 2 Capsules. Value $1. Promote energy, mood, & fat loss.


RIVALUS Clean Gainer. 32.5 grams. Value $0.56. 560 calories per serving from natural sources.


Total Value $10.99. I am using wholesale pricing on these products. Cost of the box $15. Or $7.50 for your first box. Jacked Pack is always a great value for me. I love trying new items before committing to buying full size. These products are not cheap and it’s great to have some help with that. I have found amazing products that actually work for me.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here.

Make sure you use code NEWYEAR for the 50% off your 1st Box or TRY3MONTHS for 3 months at $10.




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