Love With Food November 2016 Tasting Box Review & Coupons

Love With Food sends organic or all-natural snacks every month. You receive a curated box based on seasonal themes. Gluten Free or Regular Box options.


Love With Food Tasting Box is $9.99 a month with free shipping for 8+ snacks per month.

The Deluxe Box is $19.95 a month with free shipping for 16-20 snacks per month. Use code DELUXE10 for $10 off your 1st month.($9.95 1st month).

The Gluten Free Box is $24.99 a month with free shipping. Use this LINK and get 25% off your first month. ($18.75 1st month).

We paid for this box.



There isn’t an information card.


Hubbard Peanut Company salted Peanuts. 1 oz. Value  $0.67. I can’t find individual packs online. These are great simple salted peanuts.

Bell Plantation Peanut Butter Thins Crackers. 0.81 oz. Value $0.51. I’ve tried these before and I love them.


Snack Factory Pretzel Crisps. 1 oz. Value $0.56. These are my kids favorite pretzles. They love them.

Wise Cinnabon Popcorn. 0.5 oz. Value $0.23. Another snack we love. This is cinnamon popcorn.


ShaSha Original Ginger Snap Cookies. 30g. $0.64. These are little heart shaped cookies. And they are really good.


Go Organics Ginger Chews. Is it weird that there’s actually no ginger in these?!

Awake Chocolate Caffeinated Dark Chocolate Bar. Value $1.41. These are caffeine bars.

Nutryttiva Banana Bar. Value $0.83. These are soft, and full of banana flavor. They have the nutrients of 3 bananas per bar.


Lots of coupons!


Total Value about $5. That’s bulk & amazon pricing so I’m sure actual retail is a little higher. Love With Food has definitely introduced me to amazing snacks. I like getting to try healthy snacks and have my family try them. Their value isn’t the best, but that’s not why I keep buying them. I love trying before I buy.

If you’d like to check them out you can use this LINK and get $2 off your 1st box.




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