Robb Vices October 2016 Review

Robb Vices is a Curated High End Subscription Box with a goal of sending a unique experience every month.

Robb Vices is $74.95 a month+ Shipping. Shipping to California was $7.95. You can expect items like adult beverages, specialty food & drink items, luxury accessories, etc.. You can definitely expect an experience.

There is an option to choose under 21 years of age. You can check them out HERE.

We pay for this subscription. Everyone receives the same items.


October’s Box is “That Moment in the Night…”


Everything comes packed in foam.


The information book details all the items and usually about who makes them as well.



Virginia Black Whiskey. Value $35. This is curated by Brent Hocking & Drake. Yes, the Drake. It is supposed to be sweeter and smoother than regular whiskey. And it actually is.


These are a little confusing. The book mentions custom gold leaf rimmed shot glasses from Cocktial Kingdom that match the Coupe Glasses. I don’t think this is them. Value $10?


Christopher Elbow Cocoa Noir Drinking Chocolate. Value $18. This goes along with the included drink recipe. Specifically made for chocolate drinks.


Viveltre Golden Riveria Marshmallows. Value $14.99. These are the prettiest marshmallows I’ve ever seen.


Strawberry Champagne Belgian Chocolate Marshmallows with 24k edible gold.


Here’s the After Hours Whiskey Cocoa Recipe that’s included. Very simple.


They got prettier as the marshmallows melted. Very good and so warming. Definitely a cold night warm you up drink.


Z Clip Le Mans. Value $149.95. Z Clips are very nice. It is a 6 slot card holder and you wrap your bills around the card holder and then slide the clip over it all. The clip is carbon fiber and will probably last forever.



Stanger & Stanger Ultimate Deck Playing Cards. Value $25. I love these cards. They are beautiful!


Each one is a piece of art.


Total Value $254.95. Cost of the box $74.95. Their value is always amazing. Their boxes are always amazing. If you like an experience with your box this is definitely a box for you. It’s quite wonderful.

If you’d like to check them out you can that here.


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