Zen Rose Garden Crystal Mojo Club November 2016 Review & Free Trial Offer

Crystal Mojo Club is a Membership Subscription Box from Online Store Zen Rose Garden. Each month you can expect crystals, gemstones, bracelets, and coaching. 

Crystal Monthly Mojo Club has several options.

~Intuitive: Level 1 $19.97 a month. For a limited time you’ll receive a Free Trial & 1/2 off your second month when you sign up.

~Apprentice: Level 2 $29.97 a month. 6 items.

~Mystic: Level 3 $39.97 a month. 10 items.

Alchemist: Level 4 $69.97 a month. 11 items + Deluxe Crystal valued at $40- $100.

You can view all the options here.

This box was provided for review. Everyone receives the same items. This is the Intuitive Box. ($19.97) I will review a different level box each month.




Information on what’s included in my box along with pricing details. Each month you’ll receive a coupon to use on their site + free shipping.


One envelope contains all the paper stuff.


And the goodies all wrapped.


Here’s a little more information on their Subscriptions.


November is Blessing in Disguise. Perfect for a month of being thankful.


The goodies! Each item comes with a printout explaining what it is and what it does.


Tigerskin Jasper Gentle Healer Bracelet. Value $20. Good for Nurture & Balance. They give in depth information in their printouts.


Orange Kyanite Fire Of Passion Crystals. 5 Grams. Value $20. Excellent for any issues related to passion & creativity.


Total Value is $40. Coaching comes free. =) I think this Level 1 Box is perfect for beginners! If you’re just getting into crystals & gemstones and their powers, this is definitely the perfect box. Or if you just want to focus on 1 or 2 intentions a month. And I love that you can upgrade your membership subscription & it can grow right along with you.

The printouts are very in depth and give you all the information you need about them. What they do, where they come from, their history, best for intentions, etc..

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here. Definitely take advantage of the free trial month and 1/2 off the second month offer while it lasts!


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