MunchPack Review September 2016 + Coupon!

Munchpack is a Snack Subscription Box that sends treats from all over the world.

MunchPack has 3 options. The Mini (5+ Snacks) is $9.95. The Original (10+ Snacks) is $19.95. The Family (20+ Snacks) is $39.95.

Use code TSBF for $2 off your 1st month of any pack.

This box was provided for review. This is the Original Pack.



It comes with a note from Anthony who packed my box. Thanks Anthony!




Haribo Ginger Lemon Gummies. Value $1.41. My 5 year old loves these. I don’t taste a lot of ginger. The lemon is the main flavor.

Gustaf’s Sour Blockheads. Value $2.39. Not extremely sour. Just perfect. Exactly how I like my sour candy.



Hapi Snacks Hot Wasabi Peas. Value $2.16.

Cheetos Colmillos. $1.17. I think these are chili cheese. They have a little spice. Nothing crazy. It even came woth an emoji sticker!


PoPo Muruka. Value ? I can’t find these for sale. They are a hard sweet & spicy chip. Not very spicy at all. Very good though.

Beer Nut Cashews. 1 oz. Value $0.77. Football season is upon us!

London Roll Coconut. Value $1? I can’t find a price. This is soft & good. Not very coconuty though. Similar to a jelly roll but with cream. (Sorry no picture. My 2 year old started eating it before I could get one). 


Totku Mosiac Biscuit . Value $0.78. These have a cocoa cream inside with a biscuit outside. Very good Turkish Cookie.


Dora3 Croissant. Value $1? I can’t find this size. But, like the amazon reviews there is not a filling like the picture. There pretty much is not a filling.


ETI Adicto Gold Browni. $2.99. These are so good. Definitely a family favorite. A rich soft brownie.



Total Value ? I can’t come up with an accurate value. Most prices are wholesale prices & without shipping charges. It is $2 per snack in value. I really appreciate the larger snacks. We share these boxes as a family and it’s nice to have big packs. The Browni was the best! Everyone loves them. We also love trying snacks from other countries. It’s so much fun and a learning experience for us.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that here. Don’t forget code TSBF for the $2 off!






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