Surprise Ride July 2016 Review + August 2016 Spoilers & Coupons!

Surprise Ride is a kids subscription box that includes all supplies & instructions for activities, a snack, a book, fun facts, & more. All based around a particular monthly theme. Perfect for ages 6-11.

Surprise Ride is normally $29.99 a month with free shipping. Less if you sign up longer. Use code SHARK5 for $5 off your 1st Month. Or use code SHARK15 for $15 off a 6 Month Subscription.

You can check them out HERE!

We paid for this box. Everyone receives the same thing.




July is all about Brazil.


Some information on their foods, animals, music, etc..


The first activity is a game. We had to glue the post to the soccer ball. The glue dried pretty fast.


The object is to hit the Olympic Bottle cap off the post using the other bottle caps. If it lands on the soccer ball part it’s 3 points. If it lands on the ground it’s 1 point. You play to 15 points. It was fun!


The next activity is planting a rainforest kit.


This is the supplies in the Rainforest Kit. The seeds are from the sensitive plant. It closes it’s leaves when touched, cold, or dark. Should be really neat!


Surprise Ride provided the bowel and spoin which was so nice. You add water to the soil pellet and it absorbs the water.


Then we planted our seeds and added rocks. The planter can go right into the ground for planting when it’s ready. Again, Surprise Ride provided the plate to keep it clean whn watering.


Items to go with the box. A medal representing the Olympics being held in Brazil. A bracelet, snack, and the book.


Heres some pages from the book.


We loved this box. It was educational and fun. And packed with stuff. Now we’re just patiently awaiting the arrival of some sprouts from our plant! I’ll have to update when we get some sprouts.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. Use code SHARK5 for $5 off your 1st month. Or code SHARK15 for $15 off 6 months.


Here’s the August Clue!




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