Robb Vices July 2016 Review

Robb Vices is a Curated High End Subscription Box with a unique experience delivered monthly.

Robb Vices is $74.95 a month+ Shipping. Shipping to California was $7.95. You can expect items like adult beverages, specialty food & drink items, luxury accessories, etc.. You can definitely expect an experience.

We pay for this subscription.


The box is so big it needs a handle!


Everything is packed in foam. Nothing moves around in transit.



The information book.


This made me laugh!


It gives detailed information on the products.


The Pineapple Co Large Tumbler in Copper. Value $99.



It’s beautiful! I just wanted to say when I first received this tumbler the cup part was tarnished. It’s metal and it happens. So I reached out to Robb Vices and they responded right away and sent a replacement right away. Perfect customer service!


Pineapple Co Shot Glass Set in Copper. Value $39. As if the tumbler wasn’t enough we get the shot glasses as well!



Don Q Miniatures. Six bottles. Value about $10. Coco, Gold, Cristal, Passion, & Limon.


Envy Sparkling Fruit Juice  in Tropic Orange & Fruit Punch. Value $1.08 each. These have vitamins & no added sugar.  And they are delicious.


Melissas Sugar Cane Swizzle Sticks . Value $6.50. These are awesome. 100% Natural. Great for drinks and even BBQ skewers.





Total Value $157. Price of the box $74.95. Just about double the cost in value. That pleases me. The curation pleases me more. I love everything. We had so much fun making drinks and trying different flavors. There aren’t any spoilers that I know of so the box was a complete and pleasant surprise. We can’t wait for our next box!

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.



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