QBox Mini Q Bag Zootopia June 2016 Review + Full Q Box July 2016 Spoilers!

QBox Releases Mini Q Bags each month in addition to their regular Subscription Box. This is the June Zootopia Themed Mini Q Box.

Mini Q Bag is $12.95 + Shipping. My shipping was $7. Total of about $20. The Regular Bigger Q Box is $24.95 a month. The August Box is available for pre-order.

My daughter is crazy about Zootopia so I had to get the June Mini Box. They currently have a Pokemon Special Q Box for $29.95.

You can check it out HERE.

We paid for this box. They ship at the very end of the month. Since this was June I actually received it in July.



Lt. Judy Hopps Notebook & Pen.


Cute little set.


Lt. Judy Hopps Bobblehead. It comes with a sticker to adhere it to something if you want.


•Nick Wilde Phone Cover. It stretches to fit any phone. My daughter actually stretched it really far and broke it. But she doesn’t have a phone so it doesn’t matter.

•Lt. Judy Hopps Coin Purse.


2 Card Holders. These are the only thing not themed. They are cute but seem out of place for this box.


Total Value $2.86 an item. I thought it was a cute bag. My daughter liked everything except the card holders. They are out of place too. I’ll give them to my older daughters to use. They are still cute. I’d buy another bag.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.

Here’s the Regular July 2016 Q Box!




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