Sprezza Box July 2016 Review & Coupon!

Sprezza Box is a monthly Mens Accessories Subscription Box. Each month you receive 5-6 items like ties, socks, pocket squares, etc..

Sprezza Box is $28 a month with free US shipping. They also ship to 28 countries. Use code COMEBACK5 for $5 off your 1st month.

You can check them out here.

We paid for this box. They send out different color variations of the same items.





The information card detailing the items and prices.


Bryer Leather Bracelet. Value $25. It also comes with a 50% Off code for another Bracelet.

Sprezza NYC Socks. Value $12.


Heres a better look at the bracelet. Nice simple design.



Brooklyn Wolf Tie. Value $29. This is a linen blend. Its nice. And the color will work with many color combinations!


Casual Weekend Pocket Square. Value $20. We love this pocket square. Not only is blue his color but it can be folded to show any of the blue shades!


Classic Roller Pen. Value $15. Nice Pen.

Word Polygon Notebook. Value $3.33.






Total Value $92.33. Great value for a $28 box. We liked the curation and all the items this month. But we do every month we get Sprezza Box. They never disappoint. Good items and the blue was perfect for Eric. He doesn’t do much floral but he actually likes the tie. I think he’s coming around 😍.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. And use the code COMEBACK5 for the $5 Off your 1st month.




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