Splendies July 2016 Review!

Splendies is an Underwear/Panty Subscription Box. Each month you receive 3 Pair of Panties. They have a no thong option and plus sizes.


Splendies is $13.99 a month with free Shipping. Less if you sign up longer. You receive 3 pair of panties per month. You can opt out of thongs. Sizes small, meduim, large, and x large.

Volupties is $16.99 a month. Their sizes are are 1x, 2x, 3x. You can also opt out of thongs.

You can check out the Options HERE.

This was box was sent for review. Everyone does not receive the same items. There are variations due to opting out of thongs. They do have brand spoilers ocassionaly & every package will have that brand.








Splendies Brand Pany. Value $10. These are so cute. The band has a velvet feel to it.


Splendies Brand Thong. Value $10.


Splendies Brand Lace Boyshort. Value $10.



So a Total Splendies Brand Takeover. Nice to see a variety of their own brand. I think they are all cute and summery. Well made too. They all have a little stretch so they should work for a lot of people. Total Value $4.67 per pair! I don’t think that’s a bad price per pair at all.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.



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