Bulu Box Review May 2016 + Coupon! $5 Boxes for Life!

Bulu Box is a sample box of vitamins, sport nutrition, weight loss, protien, diet, healthy snacks, energy, & sleep & mood products delivered montly.

Bulu Box is $10 a month with free shipping. Cancel anytime from your account. You can also review the products & receive $1 per review to use in their shop. Up to $7! Use code BULUFIVE and your boxes will be $5 for life!

You can check out the options HERE.

FYI: I use my points money & their coupons they email to buy all my vitamins & supplements! And free shipping for subscribers. So cheap!





Fru-licious Freeze Dried Fruit. Value $1. My kids love these. And love that they are healthy.

VanaPain Liquid Pain Reliever. Value $0.75. This is the PM version I haven’t tried yet.


Yum V’s Multivitamin Jellies. 10 ct. Value $1.20. These are children’s vitamins.

Smarty Pants Womens Complete Vitamins. 2 ct. Value $0.36.

Smarty Pants Men’s Complete Vitamins. 2 ct.  Value $0.36.

I really like Smarty Pants Vitamins. They taste good and are pretty complete.


Xylichew Gum in Cinnamon. Value $2.32. These actually reduce the amount of acids in your mouth & can help with preventing tooth decay.

Personal Trainer Food Pumkin Seeds. I love pumpkin seeds. I don’t see these for sale on the site. But I’ll eat them! =)


Mauer Sport Nutrition Classic Protein Bar. Value $2.75. These are really good. The whole thing is soft. No hard nuts or anything. My 19 month old had some with me & she loved it too.


This was a good box for $5. I really get the most value from using the review points and coupons from Bulu Box. There are several items I buy regularly that they carry. If you’re looking to sample healthy items and don’t know where to start they are also good for that!

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. Don’t forget code BULUFIVE for the $5 Boxes for Life.

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