Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box Review May 2016 + Coupon!

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is a Yoga Inspired Handmade Jewelry Subscription Box.

Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box is $24.99 a month with free shipping. Use code YOGILOVE and get 15% off every month for life! $21.24 a month for the life of your subscription!

You can check them out HERE.

You’ll receive at least 2 pieces of jewelry & 1 superfood or organic chocolate every month.

We pay for this subscription.



May is The Divine Within.


The information card detailing the items.



Lovely Candy Co. Fudgee Rolls. 2 oz. Value $2.18. These are really good. 



“Balance” Sandalwood, Pearl, & Amazonite Mala. Value $120 per the info card. They seem to value around $50-100 from what I can find online. It’s very pretty! This mala was designed to instill a sense of peace, balance, and courage through truth.


“I Am Healed” Labrodite & Jade Bracelet. Value $35. The Labrodite beads are to create a shielding force throughout the aura & strengthen natural energies. And the Jade beads are for filtering distractions and pull in relevant information & aid descion making.


Total Value $10.62 a piece. Plus candy! =) It’s hard to get an actual value since they make their own jewelry. I do think they are quality pieces though and are definitely worth more than the price. The mala is my favorite item this month.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. Don’t forget code YOGILOVE for the 15% off.


2 thoughts on “Yogi Surprise Jewelry Box Review May 2016 + Coupon!

  1. Melinda S. says:

    I know this is a bit off the wall however I’m going to put this out to the universe and see what happens.I ‘m posting here regarding the bracelet featured in the Yogi Surprise May 2016 jewelry box .
     I received the 2016 Yogi Surprise Jewelry box from a friend, specifically the friend thought I’d benefit from the labradorite bracelet as I had lost my dad, stepmother, aunt and my dog was battling cancer. Well I wore that bracelet a lot and then less and less, however I would always wear it when I traveled.At first I was skeptical about the powers of the stones however now I’m a believer. (I seriously cant believe I’m typing those words!)  Recently I meet someone who told me  when a stone, crystal or gem has served its purpose in your life you should pass the object onto someone in need. On Aug 15 I took a trip and while I was waiting for my plane I struck up a conversation with a stranger, it became apparent to me that the person would benefit from the labradorite bracelet and I gave it to them. Well at first it felt really good, in fact for my entire trip I felt good about giving the bracelet away. Then I got back to LA and suddenly my world was out of balance, many small things changed in a bad way. (YES I know this sounds weird) Now I’ve been back in LA for a week and things continue to be out of sync so the only thing I can think is it wasn’t time for me to give away the bracelet. I contacted Yogi Surprise in hopes of purchasing another bracelet  and they claimed they no longer offer that bracelet. So now I’m reaching out to bloggers and reviewers who might have one they would be willing to sell to me. This has to be the strangest thing I’ve ever done, actually can’t believe I have such an attachment to this bracelet. Lesson learned is if I feel inclined to give away an object in the future I really need to think it over for 24 hours and then decide if that’s the best thing for me to do. Anyway where I’m going with this is I saw on your blog a review of the 2016 Yogi Surprise jewelry box bracelet and wondered if you’d be willing to sell it? If anyone reading this review purchased the box and would like to sell the bracelet. Again this is the strangest thing I’ve ever done and posting it for the world to see takes me out of my comfort zone!

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