Bulu Box Review April 2016 + Coupons!

Bulu Box is a sample box of vitamins, sport nutrition, weight loss, protien, diet, healthy snacks, energy, & sleep & mood products delivered montly.

Bulu Box is $10 a month with free shipping. Cancel anytime from your account. You can also review the products & receive $1 per review to use in their shop. Up to $7! Use code BULUFIVE and your boxes will be $5 for life!

You can check out the options HERE.

FYI: I use my points money & their coupons they email to buy all my vitamins & supplements! And free shipping for subscribers. So cheap! See my pic below!




The information in the items in the box.


Mrs. Crimbles Macaroons. Value $0.67. These are a cheat day item. And…my cheat day was the day I opened this box! Yummy!

Fru-licious Freeze Dried Fruit. Value $1. My 19 month old ate this whole bag herself. They are sweet puffy fruits.


VanaPain Liquid Pain Reliever. Value $0.75. This is an anti-inflammatory pain relief liquid. I haven’t a reason to try this yet but I bet it’s fast acting!

Flora Enzyme Blend Capsules. 3 ct. These have 7 enzymes in them. Value $0.78.


The Hand Stuff Hand Balm. This is an all natural hand balm. It help replenish natural oils in your skin.

Cal-Ez Vitamin D Supplement. 2 ct. Value $1.40. These are super convenient. Just add them to your smoothie.


Total Value $5. Cost of the box $5 with the coupon. This is the lowest Value box from them ever! They usually have a very good value. I actually like all the items though so I’m not disappointed. Plus the discounts I used this month made up for it!


Here’s my order this month. Not a bad savings! Free shipping too. That totally makes up for my box!

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. Don’t forget code BULUFIVE for the $5 Boxes for life!


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