Sun Of A Chic Review April 2016! His & Her Box + Coupon!

Sun Of A Chic is a Sunglasses Subscription Box. They have styles for men and women. And a his & hers box.

Sun Of A Chic has several options. Shipping is $3.99. Use code SBF20 for 20% Off any subscription.

1 Pair is $12.99. His or hers
2 Pair is $19.99. His or hers.
2 Pair of his & hers is $19.99.

You can check out their options HERE.

We pay for this subscription. This is the his & hers box.



No information card.


They come wrapped.


Hers. I thought there were a little too much for me but they actually look really cute!


His. I actually like these better than mine. And they seem unisex because they look good on both of us. 


$10 a pair! They both feel sturdy and seem like they’ll last a while. We live in sunny California so we wear glasses all year long. And I  definitely like to switch it up often. This subscription is a lot of fun. And if we leave them on the beach somewhere they were $10. Eric loses them constantly so this subscription will come in handy for him =)

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE.


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