BuddhiBox Review February 2016

BuddhiBox is a Yoga Subscription Box that delivers mindful living products that enhance your yoga practice on and off the mat. Ethically sourced & cruelty free.

BuddhiBox is $32.95 a month. Less if you sign up longer. You can check out options HERE!

BuddhiBox did provide this box for review but, of course, all opinions are my own. Everyone receives the same items.





The information card detailing the items & prices. Also if the item is vegan, organic, or cruelty free.


The pose of the month card & recipe. These are in every box. They send some amazing recipes!


Hot Chakras Your Are Beautiful Wish Bracelet. Value $20. On sale for $14. A sweet little bracelet to remind us all that we are beautiful, both inside & out! It ties on and made to stay until it falls off.


Really cute and simple.


Pandoras Pop Aphrodisiac Hot Yoga Lolipop. Value $4. This is quite interesting. Here’s the description. Innovative and tasty hard candy lollipops include 5 carefully chosen herbs known to support the romantic, sexual and reproductive response for both women and men.

Dosha Bar Apple Cran Awakening. Value $4. These bars are supposed to balance and heal mind, body, and spirit by harnessing the power of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian healing system. They are good.


Vata Hurraw Lip Balm. Value $4.29.
The Vata Dosha: dry, quick, cold, light, subtle
Element: air (wind) & ether (space)
Commands: intuition, creativity, imagination, spontaneity
Emotions: anxiety, worry, doubt, fear
Pacified by: sweet, salty, warm

Quintessential Heart of Gold Blend. Value $30.00. I don’t see this roller on their site. Info card says..Handmade in small batches. Features jojoba, lavender, geranium, cedarwood, clary sage, petitgrain, & ylang-ylang.


This is listed as a bonus item.

Marley Coffee in Lively Up. Value $8. It says Surprise, we sent you a bonus. It does not specify a product so items will probably vary. I did see a pic & someone received teas as their bonus. This is a repeat item but, as a bonus that’s fine with me! =)


Total Value $70.29. Cost of the box $32.95. BuddhiBox constantly delivers great values in their boxes. They do a good job supporting yoga lifestyles on and off the mat. I’m happy with this month. I’ll use everything again this month. That bracelet is just adorable. If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE!

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