Game Day Box December 2015 Review!

Game Day Box is a new Sports Subscription Box. They send a mix of Officially Licensed products from your favorite teams. NBA, NHA, NFL, MLB.

Game Day Box is $39.95 a month. Less if you sign up longer. Boxes ship December 15th to make it in time for Christmas. Perfect gift for the sports fan.

You can view all the options here.

You pick 1-4 teams from MLB, NHL, NFL, & NBA. Any combination up to 4 teams. And only 1 team if you’d like.

This box was provided for review. Your box will probably be completely different based on the teams selected. But, you get an idea of products, value, and brands they send.



This box is big!


They included a thank you note for doing a review. My pleasure! I have a sports fanatic in the house & a sports subscription box is his favorite kind.




NFL Wilson Throwback Youth Football. Value $17.99. I love this inclusion. And it’s the perfect size to play with our small daughters when it’s not displayed!


49ers NFL Wall and Car Charger. Value $19.99. Well, his chargers just got an upgrade. I’m sure the old ones will be thrown in drawer for extras.


49ers NFL Audible Earbuds. Value $9.99. Hands free with microphone. So, Eric doesn’t own earbuds and constantly steals my purple Beats Earbuds. Hopefully these will be good enough that he’ll leave mine alone. And he won’t look so strange with purple Earbuds. =)


49ers NFL Gold Lanyard. Value $8.99. Nice gold color. Different than the usual red that comes with the 49ers.



Total Value $56.96 not including any shipping costs. Cost of the box $39.95. Good value. Hopefully as they grow, the value will as well. =) But, all the items are great. All licensed items. All items he will use and likes! I think I’ll sign up for another box of NBA items. Great Christmas Gifts! If you have a sports junkie in the house, like me, this is the perfect subscription box. If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE!

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