Candy Box November Review + Groupon Deal + Extra 20%!

Candy box is a Candy Subscription Box. They send candy from the US, Canada, UK, Asia & Mexico. And they are on sale at Groupon and there’s 20% off!

Candy Box has 2 options. A mini box, 7-12 items, for $20 a month (less if you sign up longer). And a big box for $40, 15-20 items (less if you sign up longer). Free shipping to the US & Canada. Cancel from your account.

Groupon Deal! Mini box for $9 or $19 for the Big Box. You can see the Groupon deal HERE! Also use code GIFT20 for an extra 20% off. (2 Days Only for the code) makes it $7.20 for the mini & $15.20 for the Big Box!

This is the Mini Box.




Claey’s Candy Old Fashioned Root Beer Candy. 6 oz. Value $4.70. I love root beer everything & these are delicious. And it’s a good size big too.

Herseys Nostalgia Milk Chocolate Bar. 3.5 oz. Big bar. Value $1.54. I love the old fashioned look. My 15 year nod loves plain Hersheys Milk Chocolate so this is going in her stocking.


Original Skittles. 2.17 oz. Value $0.61.
I’m getting lucky with the stocking stuffer candy. This is my 13 year old daughters favorite candy.

Mike and Ike 5 oz. Theater Box. Value  $2.11.


Pelon Pelo Rico Tamarindo Original. Value $0.36 in bulk. This is chili flavor Mexican Candy. This will be fun for my older kids to try.

Wild about NERDS so very cherry & what-a-melon. Value $0.83.

eFruitti Gummy Hot Dog. Value $0.13.


Smarties Candy Necklace. Value $0.46.

Air Heads Mini Bar. Value $0.56.

Sixlets. Value $0.21. These are one my childhood favorites. =)


Zotz Blue Raspberry. Value $0.35. I remember these! I can’t wait for my kids to try them. They’ve never had them. They fizz in your mouth.

Necco Old Fashioned Candy Buttons. Value $1.42. These were my sister’s favorite candy when we were little. She loved these. Can’t wait to share them with my kids!


Total Value $13.28. Most of these prices are bulk prices so actual individual prices from the store are most certainly higher. Cost of the box $20 or $9 (or less with coupon) from Groupon. Definitely a good deal if your a candy lover. I love the mix of old and new candies. I like sharing the classics with my kids. It’s fun. If you’d like to try them out definitely grab the Groupon deal HERE! And use this GIFT20 code for 20% more off.

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