Pet Gift Box Review September 2015 + Coupon!

Pet Gift Box Review + Coupon! Pet Gift Box is a subscription box for pets. They have boxes for Dogs and Cats. It is curated around your dog’s size. They send a mix of toys and treats.

Pet Gift Box is as low as $17.99. Free shipping. They bill a little differently. You pick your commitment & they charge monthly. You do not pay it all upfront.

1 month $28.99 (1st month $21.74 with coupon)
3 months $23.99 (1st month $17.99 with coupon)
6 months $20.99 (1st month $15.74  with coupon)
12 months $18.99 (1st month $14.24 with coupon)

You can check them out HERE and use code Ollie for 25% off your first box on any commitment.

Little Oliver got his own coupon code! This box is for him. A petite dog under 20 pounds. He’s actually like 5 pounds. A bitty thing!




Information card detailing the items. September is Hawaiian Lu-Arf!


Mr Barksmiths Cool Treats Smoothies for Dogs. Value $1.64 if you buy 24. The cards lists $2.99 which is probably what what a single would be. All natural. Freeze it for a cool treat.

Cocotherapy Five Star Dog Treats in Coconut Gingered Pumpkin. Value $12.99. Organic treats. Can also be added to food for a nutrition boost.


Tropical Bone Passion Fruit Flavored Tog Treats. 10 pack. Value $4.99. These help control plaque and tarter for their teeth.


•Hawaiian Print Bandana. Value $5. This doesn’t have a brand but similar are around $5-6 on etsy. Really adorable.

•Hula Girl Dog plush. Value $9.99. I can’t find this online. Value is from the card.


Total Value $35.96. Cost of the box $28.99 or $21.74 with coupon. Even less with a longer commitment. Good value. Good items. I just love their themed boxes every month. So cute! I like the healthy treats and Ollie likes the toys. We both win. If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE. Don’t forget code Ollie for the 25% off.

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