Bulu Box Review August 2015 + Coupons!

Bulu Box is a sample pack of vitamins, sport nutrition, weight loss, protien, diet, healthy snacks, energy, and sleep and mood products delivered montly. You can choose a Weight Loss or the Original box.

Bulu Box is $10 a month with free shipping. They send 4-6 items or samples. Cancel anytime from your account. You can also review the products & receive $1 per review to use in their shop. You basically earn you money back.

Use code BULUFIVE & your boxes will be $5 for life. This doesn’t expire, the 2 below expire 8/26.

Use code SUMMER29 & get 6 months for $29 ($4.85 a box).

Use code SUMMER54 & get a year for $54 ($4.50 a box).

You can check them out HERE!




The information card. Give you details on the items and the full size price.


Flavorall Liquid Stevia in Almond. Full Size. 50 ml. Value $9.95. I’ve wanted to try this so I’m really excited! Maybe I’ll use my review money to buy more.


Mediterra Sesame Energy Bar with Pistachio and Honey. Value $2.91. This was good. I love pistachios so I had to try it right away.

Evo Hemp Cacao Dragon Omega Bar. Value $2.25 + shipping cost. These bars are made from blue-green algae. This algae contains a variety of omega fatty acids that are said to promote healing.


I like the size of these. Nice big sample size.

Pure Charge Nutrition Organic Plant Protein in Vanilla Bean. 1 oz. Value $1.40.
Pure Charge Nutrition Organic Plant Protein in Dark Cocoa. 1.1 oz. Value $1.50.


Choice Organic Teas Tea Bag in Breathing Space. Value $0.34. A tea to support healthy airways.


A reminder to review the products.


Total Value $18.35. Cost of the box $5. Great value. I’m pleased with all the items. I’m also happy to get to try the Flavorall before I buy it. I always find something in Bulu Box that I love. The last 4 months I received full size bottles of supplements. The full size items included are always above the cost of the box. This was probably my favorite box so far! They keep getting better.
If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE! Don’t forget code BULUFIVE for $5 boxes for life. Or, as long as you want them =)

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