Pet Gift Box Review August 2015 + Coupon!

Pet Gift Box Review + Coupon! Pet Gift Box is a subscription box for pets. They have boxes for Dogs and Cats. It is curated around your dog’s size. They send a mix of toys and treats.

Pet Gift Box is as low as $17.99. Free shipping. They bill a little differently. You pick your commitment & they charge monthly. You do not pay it all upfront. Cancel anytime after your commitment time.

1 month $27.99
3 months $22.99
12 months $17.99

You can check them out HERE and use code Ollie for 25% off your first box on any commitment. Little Oliver got his own coupon code! This box is for him. A petite dog under 20 pounds. He’s actually like 5 pounds. A bitty thing!




Dog Days Of Summer is the August theme. I love that they are themed. So cute! The information card details the items.


Lifeguard Dog Toys Volleyball. Value $12. This is really nice & should hold up to some chewing. Ollie loves squeaky everything so he’ll be happy these both squeak. And it floats!

FFD Pet Freeze & Floatable Popsicle Tug Toy . Value $14. You can get this wet and freeze it. Give them a frozen toy. Or it will float.


Puppy Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream Mix. Value $6.99. Just mix with hot tap water & freeze.


Puppy Chillers Peanut Butter Jello Mix. Value $4.99. Just add water & let it set in the refrigerator. You could use a silicone shaper & have shaped jello for you pup! =)


Fou Stick Protect Paw & Nose Balm . Value $4.99. This is such a great idea! It protects against the elements of hot & cold & is also a moisturizer.


Total Value $42.97. Cost of the box $27.99. Or less if you commit longer. Great value. Great items. We are happy with everything. Ollie has some summer treats coming his way! The themes of these boxes are so cute. Last month was BBQ. With hot dog & cheeseburger toys. Love it!

If you’d like to check them out you can that HERE! Use code Ollie for the 25% off!

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