Sports Crate Review July 2015 + Coupon!

Sports Crate is a Sports Subscription Box. It is curated around your favorite teams. You receive a monthly box of sports paraphernalia.

*This is not Sports Crate from Loot Crate. It seems this particular Sports Crate has disappeared. 🤔

Sports Crate is $30 a month including shipping. Less if you sign up longer.

You can check them out HERE and use code FAMILY01 for $2 off your first box.

You select a minimum of 5 teams from NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA, & NCAA. You will receive a mix of items from your selected teams. The items vary.


We were waiting not so patiently for this box. Eric is very much a sports guy. I found him the perfect subscription box.



MLB Oakland Athletics Coasters (4 Pack). Value $16.47. These are nice thick vinyl coasters.


Sacramento Kings Sticker Decal. Value $12? Size is 12″ × 9.5″. A 6.25 × 7.5 is $8.95. I can’t find one this large online.


San Francisco 49ers Retro Drawstring Backpack. Value $9.95. This is large and very sturdy. The material seems like it’s a easy wipe clean material.


Notre Dame Brian Kelly ProCamp Shirt. Value ? The only thing I found online was $14 on ebay.



Total Value $52.47. Cost of the Box $30 including shipping. Great value. Great items. The Man is happy! All his favorite teams. This is probably his favorite box, the sports junkie that he is.

If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE & use the code FAMILY01 for the $2 Off your 1st Box.

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