Little Passports Early Explorers June 2015 Review + Coupon!

Little Passports June 2015 Review! Little Passports is a Subscription Box for kids that teaches them about geography and different cultures from around the world. They have a World Edition for ages 6-10, an Early Explorers Edition for ages 3-5 and a USA Edition for ages 7-12.

Little Passports Early Explorers is $15.95 a month + $3 shipping. Ages 3-5.
Little Passports World Edition ages 6-10, & USA Edition ages 7-12, are both $12.95 a month + $3 shipping. You can check out all options HERE and use code SUMMER15 for 15% Off any subscription.

Here’s how it works: The first month you receive your suitcase, large map, stickers, luggage tag, & activity book. You decorate your tag & suitcase with your stickers, do the activity book, & hang your map (if u want). USA Edition has a field guide & a stratch book instead of the suitcase. The following months you are sent items to go with your edition. Souvenirs, activity book, postcards, etc.. for your particular destination that month. And you can go online and learn more and do activities to go along with it.

This is Early Explorers Ages 3-5. This is for my 4 year old daughter. This is our second month. View the first month HERE. Everyone receives the same things.


These are the items we need for our month 2 activities.


Inside the activity book is the checklist of things we will be doing.


The first activity was go on a flashlight adventure. Which was really neat! The paper flashlight pops out & you glide it under the film to reveal the landmarks & different pictures.

The next activity was putting the monthly snapshot on your wall. I’m not sure what they mean. Maybe the map?But, we are not putting anything on the wall. We keep the map in the suitcase. So she can have the sticker to put on her suitcase.


The next activity was to put the landmark sticker on your suitcase. (The suitcase & other stickers come with your first month.)


Next activity, Explore your Lanmarks. We used the map & found which continents they go to and matched them to their picture.



And last we did the activity book. Here’s a few examples of them. You use the map for some of them. Simple instructions and easy for her to comprehend.


I love this subscription. How often can you and your 4 year old discuss world landmarks and the different continents they come from? The activities are perfect for her age group. Not too difficult to deter her from wanting to learn and keeps it fun. It took us about 20 minutes start to finish. If you’d like to check them out you can do that HERE! Use code SUMMER15 for 15% Off.

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