Treatsie May 2015 Review With Coupon! Buy 1 Month, Get 1 Free!

Treatsie  May 2015 Review + Coupon! Treatsie is a gourmet sweets subscription box that delivers sweets from vendors around the country.

Treatsie is $15 + $4.95 shipping a month. ($19.95 Total) Use this LINK to buy 1 month & get 1 month free!

All items are available for purchase on their site as well! So when you find something you can’t live without, you know where to go to get it! 





Information card detailing the items and prices.


Fudgeez Gourmet Brownie in Dark Chocolate. Value $8.99. This is a large brownie! It was really good! Made with organic cocoa.


Baquet Caramels. Assorted. Chocolate, Salted Butterscotch, and Cinnamon. 4 oz. Value $8. These are all very good. The cinnamon was my favorite. Artisan, small batch, hand crafted.


Hard Crack Cookies. Value $7.50. Toffee, chocolate chip toffee,  mocha toffee. Toffee chips are baked into the dough. It’s like a shortbread cookie. All natural, contains no additives or GMO’s,  & kosher-certified.


Total Value $24.49. Cost of the box $19.99! Or use this LINK to get your second month free! I liked everything & am happy with this box. The caramels were my favorite! They are addicting!

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