Out of the Box Sampler Review March 2015 ~March Mad Hatter~

Out Of The Box Sampler is a sample box of homemade products from around the US. Your box may contain sugar scrubs, cotton candy, soaps, wax melts, jewelry, lip balms, lotion bars, votives, peanut brittle, tealights, pins, hair barettes, scrubs, and more. Think etsy products.

Out Of the Box Sampler is a box of samples from homemade artists. If you like etsy you’ll love this sampler. The artists send in their samples/items and then they are shipped to you. They have a regular box for $27 (17-18 samples or more) and a BODACIOUSLY BIGGER box for $59.95 (45-47 samples)

I usually buy the large one but they were sold out before I could get it. So this is the regular box.

March 2015. Theme: Mad Hatter Madness. It was an anything goes theme.



Bath & Body Products

NYC metro girl Bath Salts in Pink Chance. 3.7 oz. Almont full size! I love the subtle scent.
Clean Machine Body Co. Body Cream in Weigh Anchor. 4 oz. This smells amazing! Absorbs quickly.
CD Crafts and Herbs Golden Strands Shampoo. Made with ivory soap and it smells very clean. Large sample!
The Sweet N Salty Bath Shop Lip Scrub in Dulce de Leche. This literally smells good enough to eat. And it says to rinse off or lick. I’m so going to lick!


Tarts and Melts

Candle Confectionery Wax Tart in Orange Caramel Crumble. This is a sample, but the big ones are adorable.
Ugly Duckling Designs Wax Tart in Sweet Pea. It smells very pretty! I can’t wait to use it.
Things That Make Scents 100% Soy Wax Melts in Beach House. I’m using this now. My favorite. I’m so glad I got a large amount of this!



Sandi Pops Chocolate Lolipop. Customized lolipops. As you can see =) love the print of the theme of the box!
Home and Family Tutti Fruitti lolipop. Delicious!



ZandyLand tea pot barrette. This is so adorable! My 4 year old wore this on St Patrick’s Day. It matched her neon green leggings. Adorable!
Creative For His Glory nautical bracelet. Love this! It will look good when I layer my bracelets.
Old Soul Artisan wood burned shamrock. I put this on my Keychain so I wouldn’t be pinched. I’m not a green person.
jbirdistheword Antique Pet Photos Pendant & chain. So the pendant I got was pretty cool. But those in the picture are just creepy!



Sky Rain Soaps Mystery Jumbo Cube Soap. So this soap is ugly compared to the soaps on their shop. Their soaps are so awesome. Some playful kids designs and some really pretty flowers on them. You have to see the flower ones!
Hill Mail Order Company Soap in Lavender Mist. A soft hint of lavender.



The Creative Adult vinyl decal. Very cute! Says “we’re all mad here” on a tea pot. I can’t decide where I want to put this! My laptop? My car window? Idk! It may become my family’s new moto! Haha! They make custom vinyls. As you can see!
Jamberry Nails sample from Morgan Lamb consultant. I’ve never tried jamberry before so now I will.

If you love handmade this is a great box. I’m sure you’ll find things you love. I do in every box. They also have coupons for some of the artists to use in their shops/sites.