Bluum February Review ~ 3 month old & 4 year old ~

Bluum is a monthly subscription box for Infants, Toddlers, and Mom. This is a review of a 3 Month Old Box & a 4 year old box for February. I received them late so here it is.

Bluum is $29 a month and is specifically curated to your child’s age. As much as I hate to do a bad review, they leave me no choice. =( All I can say is subscribe at your own risk.

First the 3 month old girl box.


All the items I received. I initially thought the boxed rattle was one of the items I bought when I added to the box. But, it’s actually part of the box. I received it with my 4 year old daughter’s box. Why, I’m not sure. So I now have 2! That’s pretty irritating. Part of my value on the box was spent on an item I bought already! And, out of 4 items I purchased to add on, it was the only one I even received! No email, no refund, no explanation at all! It took a week for them to get back to me to tell me the other items were out of stock. I could get a refund or pick 3 items. I picked 3 more items and haven’t heard back from them. Pretty sure that’s stealing!
Update: I was emailed about an hour after I posted this and they are sending me 2 of the items I picked. I would complain about the other 1 but I’m just done.
They email you with a detailed list of what you receive and it’s value. No information card. Most of the items aren’t even in my list of items. You are able to review the products an earn points used to receive a free box. So I can’t even do that.

Honestly I don’t even want to go into specifics. I received 4 rattles and a little robot security blanket. The wood rattle is a little old for her since she’s 3 months old and will just hit herself in the head with it. So I’ll hold on to that for later.

Now onto my 4 year olds box.


Her box was better. And all the add on items were actually included!
•Crazy A’s card game.
•Princess Finger Puppet Tattoos.
•The Cloud by Hannah Cummings Book.
•Look at me I’m a Clown Book
•Kickers powdered flavor enhancer. For oatmeal and yogurt etc..

Her box was actually very good. She loves books, games, and tattoos.
I really wish they would of done that with my 3 month old. From their store selection it looks like they have good products and I don’t know why my baby selection wasn’t better.

Bluum and I are parting ways…