Update on the Boxycharm Boken CP2 Concealer from February Boxes

Many Boxycharm subscribers revived damaged CP2 Corrector Concealers in their February box. Myself included. The concealer was broken off and inside the cap. Make sure you contact them if this happened to you. It doesn’t look like they are doing anything about it unless you do. Here’s the email I received.

Boxycharm has issued a response to the broken concealer found in many boxes for February. I think it’s nice that you get to pick your own product as a replacement. But I do hope they update with other item choices. My choices have been the same for 3 months. 2,000 points will allow you to pick an item. Originally they offered 2,000 charms but now they are adding and extra 1,000. Now I actually have enough charms to get 2 products. =)

Here’s the second email I received.

Hello Charmer,

We love having you as a Charmer, and we feel terrible that you received a damaged item in your box this month.

Originally, we were only able to offer you 2,000 Charms for your damaged item. But we have some great news! We have added an additional 1,000 Charms to your account and they should be posted within the next 3-5 business days. If you do not see something that you like now, please save your charms as we will be adding new items to the Reward Shop in March! 😀



Thanks Boxycharm! I was going to purchase a mineral shadow I received in a prior box because I love it, but now I’ll get it as a replacement item!!

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